Suomalaista identiteettiä luomassa. Lasin ja keramiikan mestarit 1

230 × 290 mm, hard cover
428 pages
Writers: Marika Bogren, Kaisa Koivisto, Helena Leppänen,
Susann Vihma, Tapio Yli-Viikari
Foreword: Laura Kolbe
Aleksi Kuokka & Aki Suvanto, Aivan Oy
ISBN 978-952-7226-70-4
Collection Kakkonen
89 €

► How was Finnish design born? From the late 19th century on, glass and clay played a formative role helping Finland to articulate its voice and nascent national identity. Many artists of the early era were inspired by myth, legend and a strong bond with nature.

Collection Kakkonen is one of Finland’s most prestigious private collections of Finnish design. Assembled by businessman and art patron Kyösti Kakkonen, it comprises over 10,000 works of Finnish glass and ceramic design – most of them one-offs – dating from the late 19th century to the present day.

The masterpieces from this extensive private collection are now highlighted in the Masters of Glass and Clay series, which showcases Collection Kakkonen more comprehensively than any prior publication. The six richly illustrated volumes, each with its own theme, introduce 2,000 works by 36 artists.

Featured Artists:

Alfred William Finch
Gerda Thesleff
Elin Juselius
Arttu Brummer
Tyra Lundgren
Friedl Holzer-Kjellberg
Gunnel Nyman