Anttola Art & Design Villas

240 x 300, hard cover
160 pages
174 photos
writer Tiina Cavén
foreword Juhani Palonen
layout Maria Appelberg
Finnish | English | Russian
ISBN 978-952-5654-20-2
20 €

The Anttola Art & Design villas presents the villas of Anttola, on the shores of Lake Saimaa. These villas combine the architecture, contemporary art and design in one context.

Already over the past years, the Anttolanhovi Manor House has presented interesting, noteworthy modern artists at its summer exhibition, HoviArt. The works of these artists have found a permanent home in the villas. This book takes you on an interesting tour through the ecologically-

oriented and open-minded villa architecture, noteworthy contemporary art and design.