Arvorakennusten arkkitehti

Gustaf Nyström suunnittelijana ja opettajana

220 × 280 mm, hard cover
224 pages
Writers: Teppo Jokinen,
Anna Ripatti
Foreword: Ville Lukkarinen
Layout: Ville Karppanen
ISBN 978-952-7226-64-3
​38 €

► Gustaf Nyström (1856–1917) was among the leading Finnish architects of his generation, and his work remains widely acclaimed to this day. The House of Estates, the National Archives, the old market hall and numerous elegant banks and university buildings are among the many Helsinki landmarks that bear witness to his legacy.

A wave of urbanization provided fortuitous timing for Nyström to carve out an illustrious career as a designer of private and public buildings, but his success was equally built on vision and talent. Nyström was a hard-working perfectionist who modernized Finnish engineering and construction materials in step with international trends. Although he represented the vanguard back in his day, it is difficult for contemporary audiences to appreciate how his “old-fashioned” buildings represented the very latest “new” style of their day. Nyström is also remembered as Finland’s leading teacher of architecture, and his enduring acclaim derives partly from the influential role he played in educating Finland’s younger generation of early 20th century architects.

This new biography by art historian Teppo Jokinen takes a fresh look at Nyström’s lifetime achievements and offers insightful new perspectives on the history of Finnish architecture.