Dream of Championship

Sophia Ehrnrooth

200 × 270 mm, hard cover
136 pages
Writers: Sophia Ehrnrooth, Mika Hannula
Layout: Pekka Toivonen
English | Finnish | Swedish
ISBN 978-952-7226-80-3
34 €

► The Finnish artist Sophia Ehrnrooth has been exploring the world of junior football in her photographic and video works since 2013. In this book, she and curator Mika Hannula engage in a dialogue about football, art, play and dreams. “I was gripped by monomania, blinded by boys and bright neon colours, the green of the football pitch and its drama-packed world.” This book is indeed about football but, beyond that, it is more about the time in our lives when we exist in a state of complete openness toward the world, during that fleeting moment when we are – for all our limitations – free to dream.