This Could Go on Forever

280 x 400 mm, hardcover
64 pages
Authors: Tomi Moisio, Pauli Sivonen (foreword)
Layout: Viktor Gurov
Finnish, English, Estonian
ISBN 978-952-7441-16-9
Serlachius Museums
17 €

This Could Go on Forever is the title of a book and exhibition project by the graffiti artist EGS. The project is a dialogue between graffiti and glass art, beginning with EGS documenting a graffiti piece he spray-paints in an abandoned Estonian factory. The documentary material then serves as the basis for a three-part glass sculpture made by EGS in Riihimäki. The sculpture then returns to the original site in Estonia, where a new documentary is made, and so the cycle goes on.

EGS has achieved international renown in a graffiti art career spanning three decades,. This book is authored by Tomi Moisio, a curator at the Serlachius Museums, whose essay is accompanied by a transcript of a conversation between EGS and Moisio pondering questions posed by the project. The accompanying exhibition will be on show at the Serlachius Museums from September 24, 2022 to March 5, 2023.