Hannes Autere

Göstan pieni taidekirjasto 4

105 × 160 mm, soft cover
64 pages
Writer: Marja-Terttu Kivirinta
Layout: Maria Appelberg
ISBN 978-952-7226-50-6
Serlachius Museums
15 €

► Hannes Autere (1888–1967) was an artist famous mainly for his comically vernacular wooden reliefs, though he also made his mark as a gifted painter. A key milestone in his career was the year 1927, when Gösta Serlachius commissioned him to create a sizeable collection of works to consolidate the local identity of the industrial town of Mänttä. Autere rose to the task by crafting a series of papermaking-themed wooden reliefs for the head office of the Serlachius Corporation. He also carved an oak door for the main entrance of Joenniemi Manor and biblical wooden reliefs for Mänttä’s new church. This book takes a look at the intriguing relationship between the artist and his industrial patron.

Gösta’s Little Art Library is series of publications produced by the Serlachius Museums featuring the Gösta Serlachius’ favourite artists and gems from his exquisite collection.