Harmaita päiviä | Gray Days

Aura Saarikoski

154 × 216 mm, soft cover
128 pages
Writer: Aura Saarikoski
Layout: Jaakko Suomalainen
Finnish / English
ISBN 978-952-7226-33-9
32 €

► “I walk towards the foggiest spot, the spot where I hope that meaning will crystallize.”

Harmaita päiviä / Gray Days is photographer Aura Saarikoski’s meditation on art-making and an ode to her love of fog. Through her subtly evocative photographs and open-ended texts, she reflects on the theme of fog by turns as an essayist and autobiographer.

“The fog obscures, protects and weaves all things together. It’s familiar yet strange; part of me, yet not part of me. My thoughts and my art have been immersed in fog for years – I have scrambled my way through it.”