Helsinki-tiloja / Spaces

210 x 225, hard cover
140 pages
109 photos
writer Jussi Vepsäläinen
foreword Jussi Tiainen & Jussi Vepsäläinen
layout Timo Setälä
Finnish | English
ISBN 978-952-5654-18-9
20 €

► There are an enormous number of spaces in Helsinki that people normally do not see. Photographer Jussi Tiainen and architect Jussi Vepsalainen have been travelling around downtown Helsinki taking a peep into some of these places. The list of lesser known but fascinating interiors includes splendid works of architecture, industrial plants and workshops that service the City and its infrastructure. The subjects in the book extend from the highest points of the City down into the bowels of the earth; from the Cathedral clock-tower to underground pumping stations.