Hengen aarteet

Esoteerisuus Suomen taidemaailmassa 1890–1950

210 × 255 mm, hard cover
176 pages
Editors: Nina Kokkinen, Lotta Nylund
Writers: Erkki Anttonen, Julia von Boguslawski, Eeva Hallikainen, Marja-Leena Ikkala, Auli Jämsänen, Nina Kokkinen, Marja Lahelma, Ville Lukkarinen, Tiina Mahlamäki, Lotta Nylund, Tutta Palin, Riikka Stewen, Ringa Takanen, Jasmine Westerlund
Layout: Ville Karppanen
ISBN 978-952-7226-52-0
Signe and Ane Gyllenberg Foundation
35 €

► Finnish artists have drawn inspiration from varied sources ranging from Masonic initiation rites to Rosicrucian art salons. Many were influenced by theosophical and anthroposophical philosophies, some even claiming to be guided by spirits. This book provides fresh and intriguing insights into the influence of esoterica in Finnish art. Among the famous artists who took a special interest in matters of the spirit were Akseli Gallen-Kallela, Beda Stjernschantz, Magnus Enckell, Meri Genetz and Eva Törnwall-Collin. Paired with a rich accompaniment of exquisite illustrations, the text provides background analysis by Finland’s leading experts, featuring well-known works by beloved artists as well as forgotten masterpieces.