Jiri Geller

Fuck the World!

190 x 225, hard cover
104 pages
Writers: Maaretta Jaukkuri,
Juho Juntunen, Timo Valjakka
Foreword: Pauli Sivonen
Layout: Riikka Kuukka & Parvs
Finnish | English
ISBN 978-952-7226-09-4
Serlachius Museums
36 €

► In his works, sculptor Jiri Geller draws upon the imagery of popular culture, using it as his toolbox to achieve his artistic aims. Geller’s contradictory works with their various levels are marked throughout by polished surfaces and perfect forms, and their motifs have included space and religious figures since the beginning of the artist’s career. Geller has now added balloons, skulls, ice-cream cones and fireworks to his subjects – and recently also smileys and astronauts. Demanding in terms of technique and materials, Geller’s works also have a humorous undertone, which, however, can suddenly become serious.