By Any Means

New Finnish Sculpture

210 x 250, hard cover
128 pages
Writers: Timo Valjakka,
Juhani Pallasmaa
Layout: Timo Jaakola
Finnish | English
ISBN 978-952-7226-07-0
Raimo Utriainen Art Foundation
32 €

► What defines sculpture today, what will define it tomorrow? By Any Means presents the work of 20 young Finnish sculptors, all of whom have in their own way extended the concept of sculpture, including into areas that as yet are barely seen as fitting the definition.

In the interviews in this book the artists talk about how they solve problems related to their work. At the same time, they shed light on their own thinking, their sources of inspiration and their focuses of interest. Professor Jussi Pallasmaa’s essay profiles the life and art of Raimo Utriainen (1927–1994) – a major innovator in Finnish sculpture.

HC Berg (Hans-Christian Berg)
Joakim Sederholm
Päivi Häkkinen
Vesa-Pekka Rannikko
Terhi Heino
Markus Kåhre
Hanna Vihriälä (Jaanisoo)
Anssi Kasitonni
Petri Eskelinen
Tommi Toija
Antti Immonen
Oona Tikkaoja
IC-98 (Patrik Söderlund ja Visa Suonpää)
Sari Palosaari
Emma Helle
Antti Oikarinen
Olli Keränen
Kalle Nio
Anna Rokka
​Jenna Sutela