Kaisu Koivisto


225 x 225, hard cover
96 pages
53 illustrations
writers Hanna Johansson
& Kaisu Koivisto
layout Maria Appelberg
Finnish | English
ISBN 978-952-5654-89-9
25 €

► Kaisu Koivisto (born 1962) became known through her Young Artist of the Year exhibition in 1996. Her work addresses the connecting points of nature and technologies, the ways in which man seeks to utilise nature and natural resources to serve his own needs. This book contains photographs by Kaisu Koivisto from Svalbard, Latvia, the former East Germany, Belarus, Russia and Estonia. The subjects are former military barracks of the Soviet Army and especially painted landscapes and images of nature in them. Time has introduced its own dimension in this connection as the buildings have begun to deteriorate and real nature has been able to affect the works.