Kimmo Kaivanto


170 x 240 mm, hard cover
104 pages
Writers: Lauri Eriksson, Yrjö Haila, Tiina Lamminen, Arto Lappi, Kimmo Sarje, Markus Tuormaa
Editor: Tom Lammi
Layout: Tommy Lindgren, Ville Karppanen (cover)
suomi | Finnish
ISBN 978-952-7441-26-8
Kimmo Kaivanto säätiö
34 €

► Remembered for his incisive social and ecological commentary, the sculptor and graphic artist Kimmo Kaivanto (1932–2012) ranks among the preeminent Finnish artists of his generation. Our new monograph features a selection of essays and articles yielding wide-ranging insights into his art and practice. The texts are authored by artists and scholars from various fields, shedding light on the background of Kaivanto’s artistic work. Also featured is a selection of previously unpublished poems by Arto Lappi.