Kun sota on ohi – When War Is Over

Pekka Turunen

280 x 240 mm, hard cover
152 pages
Writers: Elina Heikka, Pekka Turunen
Layout: Minna Luoma
Finnish, English
ISBN 978-952-7226-77-3
32 €

► Yesterday: barracks, airstrips, bunkers, listening posts. Today: fairgrounds, museums, hostels, spas. Artist Pekka Turunen documents former Soviet military bases and the new life that has sprung up around them in a photographic essay taking the reader on a journey back to the Cold War and its menacing climate of fear and violence. He treats the dilapidated, overgrown military sites as if they were ruins of a perished civilization – vestiges of a lost culture facing an uncertain future. Are these relics metaphors? Do they mirror contemporary society at a crossroads – is it time to rethink and rebuild the world from scratch?