Ett hem för konsten

270 x 230, hard cover, book jacket
128 pages
93 photos
writers Tore Tallqvist,
Simo Freese, Risto Fredriksson,
Helena Hietanen & Kati Vierikko
layout Minna Luoma
ISBN 978-952-5654-94-3
Juho and Maria Lallukka’s Artists’ Home Foundation

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► Juho and Maria Lallukka, patrons of the arts of Viipuri, made a bequest that has had immeasurable impact on Finnish culture. Hundreds of artists of different disciplines have lived and worked in the Lallukka Artists’ Home, built in 1933 in Helsinki.

The articles describe the architecture of this residence, the demanding renovation and restoration project (2014–2016), and life in the artists’ home. Available also in Swedish and in English.