Lennart Segerstråle

Göstan pieni taidekirjasto 1

105 x 160 mm, soft cover
64 pages
writer: Timo Valjakka
layout: Maria Appelberg
ISBN 978-952-7226-27-8
Serlachius Museums
15 €

► The eminent painter of frescos and birds Lennart Segerstråle (1892–1975) was one of Gösta Serlachius’ favourite artists. Consequently, there are a lot of his works in Mänttä: Serlachius acquired paintings and prints directly from him, and commissioned a large ceiling painting for his home, Joenniemi Manor, and ceiling paintings for G.A. Serlachius Oy’s head office there. This volume tells Segerstråle’s story: how the young nature-loving artist grew to be Finland’s foremost monumental painter.

Göstan pieni taidekirjasto (Gösta’s little art library) is the Serlachius Museums’ new publication series, which presents Gösta Serlachius’ favourite artists and the gems of his superb collection. Gösta Serlachius was not only one of Finland’s leading industrial magnates between the wars, but also an important patron and collector of art.