Life as Art

Jan-Erik Andersson – Works and Collaborations

210 × 297 mm, hard cover
304 pages
writers Jan-Erik Andersson, Mervi Appel, Yrjö Haila, Marja-Terttu Kivirinta
foreword Penelope Curtis
layout Marjo Malin
ISBN 978-952-7226-42-1
45 €

► The artist Jan-Erik Andersson has been at the frontiers of art and society for almost forty years now. He has constantly shifted strategies and methods, but always held onto to the same idea: that art can share in the creation of architectural and social space. In the 1980s, Andersson still mainly appeared in “normal” gallery and art-museum contexts. He subsequently switched to performance, architecture, installation, environmental art, artistic research and media art. He is best known for his internationally recognized Gesamtkunstwerk, the Life on a Leaf house, where he lives with his family. This volume profiles Andersson’s life’s work spanning forty years.