Luca Berti

Man and Nature – Photographs from the Finnish Countryside | Ihminen ja luonto – Valokuvia Suomen maaseudulta

210 x 255 mm, hard cover
64 pages
Writer: Jon Eirik Lundberg
layout: Ville Karppanen
English | Finnish
ISBN 978-952-7226-15-5
The National Museum of Finland
22 €

► What is the 21st century Finnish countryside like? Italian photographer Luca Berti (b. 1978) travelled from Ostrobothnia to Lapland and from Karelia to the southern coast, taking black and white images with his film camera. He documented rural scenery and people, focusing particularly on those features that have survived the pressure of urbanisation. The black and white photographs created in the darkroom at his Copenhagen studio have that certain quality, something ancient that reminds us of our centuries-long rural roots.

The classical photographs of the book show the timeless poetry of the contemporary rural landscape and its inhabitants.