Mari Rantanen

Kaipuun ja toivon kuvat | Längtans och hoppets bilder | Images of Hope and Longing

240 x 280 mm, hard cover
168 pages
Writers: Marja Sakari, Frida Cornell
Layout: Ville Karppanen
Finnish | Swedish | English
ISBN 978-952-7226-81-0
34 €

“My calling has always been to spread optimism – to celebrate the sensual, happy side of life.”

Images of Hope and Longing offers a colourful retrospective overview of Mari Rantanen’s output. Her work is distinguished by its by rich, balanced combinations of intense, energetic shades of orange, violet and turquoise, but her work is equally recognizable for its ambiguous treatment of form, which often derives from geometrical principles. Rantanen’s art is rich in allusions both to art history and living artists. Urban architectural environments are also an important source of inspiration, especially beloved cities such as New York and Stockholm.

In addition to presenting a selection of Rantanen’s paintings, this book introduces her public murals in schools, subway stations and senior housing in Finland and Sweden. In these public works she shows a brilliant sensibility for bringing out the unique spatial qualities, genius loci and architectural elements of each location.

Rantanen’s paintings are discussed by Marja Sakari, Director of the Ateneum Art Museum, with additional analysis of her public murals by curator Frida Cornell.