Metsä minussa

Heikki Willamo

300 × 240 mm, hard cover
240 pages
Writers: Heikki Willamo
Foreword: Perttu Saksa
Layout: Ville Karppanen
ISBN 978-952-7226-66-7
36 €

► “After a dreary day of rain, the clouds suddenly part, and the sun cloaks the evening in a magical glow. The rain-kissed forest gleams and sparkles. I hear the cries of a woodpecker as I stroll through the woods; later, as dusk descends, I hear a pygmy owl hooting. I feel the presence of something sacred. This is as close to my soulscape as I will ever get.”

Metsä minussa (The Forest Within) is a retrospective anthology of forest-themed art photography by Heikki Willamo, who has been roaming the woodlands of southern Finland throughout a career now spanning four decades. This book tells the story of his long journey as a forest photographer. Combining scientific data with Willamo’s personal observations, the work provides a sweeping narrative about Finnish forests and their inhabitants, ranging from the smallest songbirds to the mighty bear. The exquisite colour and black-and-white photographs and Willamo’s perceptive essay express his grave concern about biodiversity loss and his exuberant love of forests in all their richness and beauty.