Mika Hannula

Maalauksesta – Esseitä ja keskusteluja

165 x 225, hard cover
176 pages
11 illustrations
writers Mika Hannula
& the artists
layout Jussi Tiainen
ISBN 978-952-5654-80-6
20 €

On Painting – Essays and Discussion is reflexive thinking on painting. Hannula merges his thoughts on art with concrete conversations based on artworks with five leading painters of their generation: Jukka Korkeila, Elina Merenmies, Anna Retulainen, Janne Räisänen and Anna Tuori. Dialogues on two works of art important to each artist lead to the origins of art works their techniques and principles of execution. The author, Mika Hannula, is a researcher, critic, curator and expert on contemporary art.