Modern Life!

Finnish Modernism and the International Dimension

210 x 255 hard cover
224 pages
Writers Harri Kalha, Jonathan M. Woodham, Tuula Karjalainen, Aino Niskanen, Beatriz Colomina, Juhana Lahti, Elina Heikka, Harry Kivilinna, Sanna Tuulikangas, Katariina Pakoma, Heli Harni, Tommi Lindh, Leena Svinhufvud, Petteri Kummala
layout Minna Luoma
ISBN 978-952-5654-97-4
Alvar Aalto Museum, The Museum of Finnish Architecture, Design Museum, HAM Helsinki Art Museum, The Finnish Museum of Photography
35 €

Modern Life! presents the highlights of modern architecture, design, visual art and photography in Finland – familiar classics and rare works alike. The impressively illustrated book is the result of collaboration between five leading Finnish museums, with the Alvar Aalto Museum, the Museum of Finnish Architecture, Design Museum, Helsinki Art Museum HAM and the Finnish Museum of Photography opening up their collections.

The book shows the significance of the visual arts for Finnish society and identity since the beginning of national independence. Alvar Aalto, Tapio Wirkkala, Emmi Fock, Sam Vanni and many other masters of their respective fields boldly sought new international perspectives and in turn created the international reputation of Finland. Alongside this was the aim of creating beauty in the everyday setting and improving the overall quality of life. The contributors to the book are notable Finnish and international experts in the visual arts, photography, architecture and design.