Artists’ Books from Finland

170 x 220, hard cover
64 pages
52 illustrations
writer Tatjana Bergelt
foreword Dorothee Ader
layout Maria Appelberg
Finnish | English | German
ISBN 978-952-5654-70-7
20 €

► An artist’s book (Fr. livre d’artiste) is a work of art that usually imitates the format of a book. Artist’s books are sometimes unique, one-off works or are made in small numbered editions. In 2014, artist Tatjana Bergelt organised an exhibition of artist’s books at the Klingspor Museum in Offenbach in Germany. The Finnish participants in the exhibition included Bergelt, Eeva-Liisa Isomaa, Martti Jämsä, Sándor Vály, Senja Vellonen and Kristoffer Albrecht. Naturally was published in connection with the exhibition.