Pekka Jylhä

240 x 290, soft cover
128 pages
46 illustrations
writers Liisa Lindgren
& Pessi Rautio
layout Ilona Ilottu
& Petri Salmela
Finnish | English
ISBN 952-5654-00-1
20 €

► One of sculptor Pekka Jylhä’s (born 1955) most memorable works is the monument to President Urho Kekkonen (LähdeSpring, 2000) located near Finlandia Hall in Helsinki. Jylhä is also known for his installations of stuffed animals. This book is the first extensive presentation of Pekka Jylhä’s work, featuring works of sculpture displayed in exhibitions, Jylhä’s public works of art and permanent pieces made for private residences and corporate facilities.