Valokuvataiteen synty

250 x 280 mm, hard cover
208 pages
Writers: Maria Faarinen, Max Fritze, Elina Heikka, Seppo Hornytzkyj, Minna Ijäs, Harri Kalha, Julia Kartesalo, Riitta Koskivirta, Sofia Lahti (ed.), Laura Sallas, Hanne Tikkala, Jane Vuorinen (ed.), Anni Wallenius
Layout: Ville Karppanen
Finnish (summaries in Swedish and English)
ISBN 978-952-7441-04-6
The Finnish Museum of Photography
38 €

► Pictorialism was the first style recognized as its own aesthetic movement in the history of photography. It dominated European photography from the 1880s to the 1920s. The pictorialists celebrated visual beauty, sought to convey expressive moods, and emulated the way things are seen in real life, with softened lines and lack of sharp focus. To achieve special effects, they manipulated the appearance of their images using complicated printing and tinting techniques.

This is the first book to introduce the early masters and masterpieces of Finnish pictorialism, featuring a selection of new scholarly articles accompanied by a rich compliment of stunning photographs. What were the aesthetic philosophies of Fritz Englund, Oiva Kallio, Daniel Nyblin, Alfred Nybom and Johannes Schalin? And who were Finland’s first female proponents of pictorialism?