Savea, unelmia | Lera, drömmar | Clay, dreams

Åsa Hellman

220 x 220 mm, hard cover
184 pages
Writer: Åsa Hellman
Foreword: Henna Paunu
Compilation: Teija Isohauta
Layout: Eliisa Isoniemi
Finnish | Swedish | English (compilation)
ISBN 978-952-7226-76-6
30 €

Åsa Hellman (b. 1947) is a pioneer of Finnish ceramic art. This book tells her story in her own words, providing a definitive overview of her life’s work. Hellman grew up in an artistic family and was privileged to travel widely and imbibe new international art trends from an early age. She later brought many new trends to Finnish ceramic art, pushing the limits of what can be done with the versatile medium of clay. Hellman is renowned especially for her magnificent glazes and the sculptural quality of her work. The common theme that runs through this book and Hellman’s career is her great love for clay, ceramic art, and creative expression. This book paints a vivid picture of Hellman's creative process and how the clay and the exacting firing method are both a perpetual challenge and source of inspiration.