Shunsuke Ohno & Dmitry Sokolenko


280 x 225, hard cover
192 pages
63 illustrations
writers Dimitry Sokolenko
& Shunsuke Ohno
introduction Peter Constantine,
layout Teemu Junkkaala
Finnish | English
ISBN 978-952-5654-86-8
30 €

► The long-term collaboration of the Japanese photographer Shunsuke Ohno (born 1980) and the Russian artist Dmitry Sokolenko (born 1977) is given shape in Fractal2, an astounding book that has appeared simultaneously in Tokyo, London, New York and Helsinki.
Ohno took his lyrical photographs with a large-format camera, conjuring a dream-like world of colour for them. The groups of pictures form a continuum and are placed in between Sokolenko’s absurd stories. Several readings are required to open up the various dimensions of this book, a work that will not leave its readers indifferent.