Taide ja tunteet

Sigrid Schaumanin elämä

210 × 255 mm, hard cover
240 pages
Writer: Camilla Granbacka
Layout: Ville Karppanen
ISBN 978-952-7226-26-1
Signe and Ane Gyllenberg foundation
37 €

► A fascinating biography of a strong-minded painter of light and emotion

Sigrid Schauman (1877–1979) is known for paintings that are bathed in light. The happy periods in her life alternate with dark shadows. At an early age, Schauman lost both her mother and her brother Eugen, who went down in history as the murderer of Finland’s Governor-General Bobrikov. As a young artist Schauman lived through an exceptional love story, but when it ended she was left a single mother who had to earn her own living. She became a respected art critic, who painted and travelled in Europe in her spare time.

Her artistic career culminated in her retirement years, when she gained a reputation that extended overseas. Schauman, who lived to 101, is also remembered for being Catholic, pro-Swedish and anti-Kekkonen, but as an artist and critic she was broad-minded and international.

This fascinating biography is the first comprehensive presentation of Sigrid Schauman’s long life and her impressive production.