Taide on minun matkani

Martti Airion taidekokoelma

215 x 270 mm, hard cover
224 pages
Writers: Paula Hyvönen, Antti Kaijalainen, Kari-Paavo Kokki
Layout: Päivi Veijalainen
ISBN 978-952-7226-08-7
Mikkeli Art Museum
38 €

► Martti Airio began collecting art in the 1920s. Over the years he assembled a significant collection of Finnish turn-of-the-century art, including key works by the Septem Group and the Novembrists. He was particularly fond of Magnus Enckell, A. W. Finch and Alvar Cawén. In addition to art, he also collected antiques and oriental rugs with which furnished his opulent home in downtown Helsinki.

Airio was a Finnish teacher and sophisticated gentleman who enjoyed playing tennis and loved good food. A favourite patron among Helsinki’s gallerists, Airio was known in art circles as an art and antiques connoisseur.

Taide on minun matkani (Art Is My Journey) provides a comprehensive introduction to Airio’s collection of art and antiques, which is currently on show at Mikkeli Art Museum. The book also paints a portrait of Airio’s personality as a man and collector, in addition to including discussion on the philosophy, psychology and cultural history of collecting.