Veikko Myller


255 x 255, hard cover
120 pages
writers Tiina Kuivalainen,
Dan Sundell, Ahti Susiluoto
& Tapani Pennanen
Finnish | English
ISBN 978-952-5654-90-5
25 €

► Sculptor Veikko Myller (born 1951) held his first solo exhibition in 1971. Myller has created his own personal style, which is easy to recognize. His works are colourful and clearly figurative, often to the point of being narrative. Myller’s animal figures, mysterious horsemen, warriors, kings and mysterious winged human figures form a whole mythological world. Myller has command of his idiom of expression and blends his art-historical and other cultural references into a coherent whole. His works are included in the collections of leading Finnish art museums, municipalities, cities and businesses, and in numerous private homes.