Werner Holmberg

225 x 205 mm
128 pages
Writers: Ville Lukkarinen
& Anne-Maria Pennonen
Layout: Anne Kaikkonen
ISBN 978-952-7226-01-8
Hämeenlinna Art Museum

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► Werner Holmberg (1830–1860) was one of the most important Finnish painters of his period. He was also among the first Finnish artists to study in Düsseldorf and the first to gain international recognition. Although Holmberg died at an early age, he managed to create significant body of work that served as an example for later generations of painters.

Holmberg depicted idyllic lakeshore scenes, shady forest rich in atmosphere and lush meadows. He also painted German and Finnish farmhouse motifs and urban subjects in Düsseldorf.

Published in association with the Hämeenlinna Art Museum, this book is a fascinating up-to-date overview of a beloved painter. The authors are Professor Ville Lukkarinen PhD and researcher Anne-Maria Pennonen MA.