Parvs Publishing Ltd

The Parvs Publishing Company specialises in art books and architectural publications. Parvs produces books on commission for Finnish museums, art galleries, artists and architects. Our aim is to publish high-quality art books that will stand the test of time and spread knowledge of the arts in Finland.

Our services include all the stages of producing books, from design to sales and marketing. In association with our clients, we select the best writers, translators, graphic artists and reprographers for the task. All our books are printed in Finland at the Bookwell printing house in Porvoo and are sold at the Nide bookshop in Fredrikinkatu Street in Helsinki.

The Parvs Publishing Company provides the following services

• production of art books
• manuscript editing

• translations of texts

• graphic and layout design

• photography of artworks

• reproductions of photographs

• high-standard Finnish printing services

• information and marketing services

• sales and distribution

• presentation of books at domestic and international book fairs

• the visual design of exhibitions

Parvs Publishing was founded in 2006. Since then, it has published books on Finnish art and architecture in association with art museums, galleries, artists and architects. Books from Parvs have been awarded several prizes in The Most Beautiful Books of the Year competition of the Finnish Book Art Committee, and in 2010 the Finnish Art Society, gave Jussi Tiainen, the founder of Parvs, its special prize for work on behalf of art publishing. In 2016, Parvs Publishing became the Parvs Publishing Company. Its partners are Hanna Karppanen and Aino Rajala, who have a long experience of professional work in publishing.

Our books are available at the Nide bookshop (Fredrikinkatu 35, Helsinki), the Academic Bookstore and the Suomalainen Kirjakauppa bookstore in Helsinki, art museum bookshops and web bookstores.