Parvs Publishing Ltd

Parvs Publishing Company was founded in 2006 and specializes in books on art and architecture. Parvs produces publications on commission for museums, art galleries, artists and architects. Creating your books with Parvs saves you time and trouble – we handle all the stages of the project. Our long experience in publishing guarantees a high-quality end result.

We also help museums with exhibition design and architecture in collaboration with Wanderlust studio.

* * *

Parvs as a Partner in Book Projects

We plan and carry out book projects in collaboration with the client. Parvs can make the book from start to finish, or we can help with individual stages of the process:

• manuscript editing
• translation of texts
• graphic and layout design
• reproduction of photographs
• high-quality printing
• information and marketing
• sales and distribution
• showcasing books at Finnish and international book fairs

Our Partners in Collaboration