Aikaansa seuraten

Suomen Pankin taidekokoelma

210 x 297 mm, hard cover
176 pages
Writers: Markku Valkonen, Olli Rehn (foreword)
Layout: Ville Karppanen
ISBN 978-952-7441-44-2
The Bank of Finland
44 €

► The Bank of Finland’s art collection is one of our nation’s great cultural assets. Aikaansa seuraten – Suomen Pankin taidekokoelma presents highlights from the 1,200-piece collection, which comprises paintings, graphic art and sculptures as well as monumental art integrated into the bank’s architecture. The works in the collection not only reflect the artistic aspirations of their day but also hold a mirror to Finland’s unfolding history and ethos. While celebrating art, this book additionally provides a glimpse into the bank building’s colourful history and architectural significance.