Alexander Lauréus

Kohti Roomaa | Mot Rom | To Rome

190 x 210 mm, soft cover
165 pages
Writers: Lotta Nylund, Kirsi Eskelinen (Foreword)
Layout: Ville Karppanen
Finnish, Swedish, English*
ISBN 978-952-7441-36-7
Sinebrychoff Art Museum
34 €

► Alexander Lauréus (1783–1823) was born in Turku but left home at a young age bound for Stockholm, where he carved out a successful career as a painter. From Stockholm, he continued his journey to Paris and onward to Rome, where he met an untimely death aged only 40. Despite his early death, he was a prolific artist who built up a large clientele in his homeland.

Lauréus was a cosmopolitan who took an interest in everything from old Dutch art to the new ideas and romantic influences of his time. Inspired by the ancient ruins and bustling streets of Rome, he enjoyed experimenting with ever-new subject matter. His oeuvre represents an artist at his creative peak.

The Sinebrychoff Art Museum’s exhibition Alexander Lauréus – To Rome is based on new research and critical reappraisal of the artist’s work. While his oeuvre forms an integral part of the narrative of 19th century Finnish art, his international significance is a less explored topic. This is the first book published about Lauréus in forty years, and it provides a fascinating overview of the artist’s journey from Turku and Stockholm all the way to Mediterranean Rome.