Anni Kinnunen

The Great Escape

300 x 240 mm, hard cover
64 pages
Writers Veikko Halmetoja, Jyrki Siukonen
Layout Ville Karppanen
Finnish, English
ISBN 978-952-7441-83-1
Gallery Halmetoja
April 2024
34 €

Anni Kinnunen is an artist whose photographs flow in two directions. Looking at them, one is inescapably reminded of a performative act, an artistic gesture, a staged action. At the same time, they also verge upon painting in being an aesthetic surface that imparts a narrative inherently steeped in pretence.

The Great Escape delivers a critical commentary on this era of manipulated realities in which nothing can be trusted. Kinnunen so completely evades all forms of mimetic naturalness that her images could never be mistaken as representations of reality. Their deliberate unnaturalness foists itself upon us with haunting insistence, navigating a borderland between the beautiful and the horrendous in a way that holds an honest mirror to our times.

This book tells the story of how humans have gradually become estranged from nature, how the landscape has become a stage, and how human existence has become a game of role play. Whatever is happening in Kinnunen’s photographs has already happened, but we still find ourselves asking: What really happened?