Bo Haglund

Piirustuksia, maalauksia ja sarjakuvia | Teckningar, målningar och serier | Drawings, Paintings and Comics

220 x 270 mm, hard cover
168 pages
Writers: Petteri Enroth, Rauli Heino, Sini Mononen
Layout: Ville Karppanen
Finnish, Swedish, English
ISBN 978-952-7441-43-5
Galleria Heino
42 €

► Bo Haglund (b. 1963) weaves together comics, graphic design and set design in his artistic practice. He started out as a set designer in film and theatre in the 1980s, later branching out as a textile designer for Marimekko and cartoonist for Ny Tid magazine. Through comics, he migrated to visual art. His art mirrors his diverse professional background in its emotional breadth of characterization, narrativity, critical observation of contemporary reality, and vividly detailed expression. His style is approachable and visually engaging, and his thematic content can be anything from a critique of social media’s performativity to a comic-strip commentary on art history or a meditation on Nordic melancholy. His latest works portray human figures peeking from stage sets or hiding among vegetation, leaving us uncertain whether they are fugitives, observers, suspended in limbo, or just plain confused. This book is a dialogic introduction to Haglund’s recent works and his wide-ranging earlier artistic output.