Emil Cedercreutz ja taiteilijakoti Harjula

200 x 245 mm, hard cover
176 pages
Writer Jukka Relas
Layout Ville Karppanen
ISBN 978-952-7441-54-1
Emil Cedercreutzin säätiö
42 €

► ‘Harjula’ is the name of the artist home built in 1912 by the Finnish sculptor Emil Cedercreutz (1879–1949) on the River Kokemäenjoki in Harjavalta. The building’s core consists of a traditional farmhouse and granary that Cedercreutz relocated to the site and creatively transformed into his dream house by assembling a unique architectural ensemble. The interior is a work of art in itself, featuring a series of imaginatively decorated rooms combining vintage furniture, Finnish rya rugs, valuable paintings and oriental objects. This richly illustrated volume authored by the art historian Jukka Relas presents the residence and its environs, while also telling the story of Cedercreutz’s years at Harjula and the art he created there.

Harjula is owned by the Emil Cedercreutz Foundation, and the Emil Cedercreutz Museum is administered by the City of Harjavalta. In addition to the residence itself, the museum also comprises the ethnological collections in the adjoining ‘Temple of the Rural Spirit’, a separate art museum, and a sculpture park.