Mahdollisia mahdottomuuksia | Possible Impossibilities

Esseitä Maija Blåfieldin elokuvista | Essays on Maija Blåfield’s Films

148 x 210 mm, hard cover, flipbook
168 pages
Writers Karina Horsti, Miia Huttunen, Ville Lähde, Tytti Rantanen (toim.), Pontus Purokuru, Helmi Kajaste, Marisha Rasi-Koskinen
Layout Ville Karppanen
Finnish, English
ISBN 978-952-7441-35-0
January 2023
34 €

► Maija Blåfield’s documentary films offer human-scale perspectives on questions concerning the perishability and frailty of existence. With warmth and quirky humour, she examines how we define reality, tackling themes ranging from climate change and saving the world to the power of narrative and memory. Her films straddle a domain between documentary and contemporary art, and they have featured widely at major film festivals and in galleries and art museums.

This book contains a collection of essays by writers who interpret Blåfield through a variety of genres and perspectives – critical, confessional, political and poetic. The essays are hoped to inspire readers and film viewers to discover their own unique perspectives and ideally to see reality in a surprising and wondrous new light.