Naamiot | Masks

Vaihtuvia identiteettejä antiikista nykytaiteeseen | Multiple Identities from Antiquity to Contemporary Art

240 x 280 mm, hard cover
120 pages
Writers Tomi Moisio, Carolina Orsini, Lorella Scacco, Pauli Sivonen (foreword)
Layout Ville Karppanen
Finnish, English
ISBN 978-952-7441-76-3
40 €
Masks – Multiple Identities from Antiquity to Contemporary Art explores the meanings of mask-wearing as part of human history. Since prehistoric times, humans have felt compelled to hide their identity temporarily, or even to change it completely. The cultural and historical meanings of masquerading have varied over time in different parts of the world, but mask-wearing still remains popular today, especially as part of identity play on digital platforms, for example. The coronavirus pandemic in turn served as a reminder of an early function performed by masks: that of providing protection. This book edited by the Italian art historian Lorella Scacco examines the history of the mask motif spanning from classical antiquity through the 20th century avant-garde to contemporary art.