Salong 3+

300 x 230 mm, hard cover
88 pages
Writers: Maria Hirvi-Ijäs, Helen Korpak, Jyrki Siukonen
Layout: Salong 3+
Finnish, Swedish
ISBN 978-952-7441-37-4
WAM Turku City Art Museum
34 €

► The SALONG 3+ artist collective from Turku played an active and influential role on the Finnish art scene between 1989 and 1995. Its three members, Anna-Maija Aarras, Sussi Henrikson and Ann Sundholm, together created highly original installations and performances exploring femininity and corporeality through both classical and modern myth. Within the history of Finnish contemporary art, SALONG 3+ represented the vanguard of a carnivalesque feminist approach fusing postmodernism, surrealism, complex visual symbolism and humour.