Taidetta kaksin

Dialoginen luominen suomalaisessa nykytaiteessa

225 X 225 MM, HARD COVER
ISBN 978-952-7441-13-8
34 €

► Western thinking traditionally tends to celebrate the individual artist-as-hero. The artist duo is a relatively new concept to contemporary art, having been recognized as mode of attribution for no longer than roughly two decades. This book presents artmaking as an interactive process through the work of eight internationally active artist duos. Unlike artist couples, these duos are not necessarily life partners, but they have consciously chosen a collaborative process. They have varying reasons for wanting to work collectively, and their practices also vary with respect both to their process and public appearances.

The core themes addressed in this book are equality, the challenge of attributing the “origin” of creativity, and the deconstruction of associated myths. Dialogism has recently gained new prominence in contemporary art and scholarship, embracing not only the artists’ input but also art theory and the communality of the artistic process.

Dialogism in contemporary art offers an intriguing lens and platform for a broader discussion of the aesthetic ethos.

Andy Best & Merja Puustinen – Grönlund & Nisunen – Hamm & Kamanger – Lea & Pekka Kantonen – Linda & Aura – nabbteeri – Rainio & Roberts – SIMKA