taide, maisema ja maailmanloppu

140 x 210 mm, hard cover
192 pages
Writer: Maria Matinmikko
Layout: Maria Matinmikko ja Ville Karppanen
Illustrations: Sami Jalonen
ISBN 978-952-7441-55-8 (Parvs)
ISBN 978-952-388-195-2 (Siltala)
35 €

Valohämy (chiaroscuro) is an illustrated literary volume by the writer Maria Matinmikko. The narrative is a tapestry of texts and images that both complete and challenge each other. Photographs taken by Matinmikko over the past decade are interwoven with artist Sami Jalonen’s captivatingly quirky drawings, which chime uncannily well with the underlying vibe of the text. Fusing together fictional narrative, essay and autofiction, Valohämy is a visually evocative meditation on the beauty, historicity, strangeness, violence, materiality and destructivity of human existence.

Valohämy is co-published by Siltala and Parvs. The book will be accompanied by an electronic audio artwork composed by Jari Koho, which will be available as an audiobook narrated by Maria Matinmikko.