Lupa nauttia

Esineistä, kauneudesta ja keräilystä

135 x 210 mm, hard cover, dust jacket
152 pages + image appendix
Writer: Harri Kalha
Layout: Ville Karppanen
ISBN 978-952-7441-58-9
29 €

Lupa Nauttia (‘Permissible Indulgences’) is a richly illustrated compilation of essays by Harri Kalha on the subject of design, home interiors, cultural history and collectibles. In his analysis of desirable objects, Kalha combines erudite historical contextualization with a lens of subjective musing. Most of the essays were originally published as columns in periodicals, without illustrations. The texts themselves are compact, desirable ‘collectibles’, like the very objects they discuss. Even the format itself is inviting to the hand. This gem of a book invites you to put away your smartphone and electrify your daily commute with a bite-sized essay instead!

Harri Kalha is an award-winning researcher and non-fiction writer who currently works as a full-time artist.